Business Training for Managers
The Art of letting people go:
rules, negotiation skills, tools, risk management

February, 13-14, 2020 / Pokhodny proezd, 4 b. 1, Moscow

Firing an employee is a process that does not usually give pleasure to anyone. It is often painful and difficult for both sides. Its result depends on your experience, documents flow issues, your negotiation skills, and self-confidence.
According to statistics, most of the Managers feel fear and anxiety before the meeting for an "inconvenient" employee dismissal and try to postpone it as far as possible...
This business training is for you, if:
You need a strong team, not a weak one
You are not ready to waste resources on labor disputes
You understand, that the team can't be motivated with squabbles, intrigues and scandals
You realize, that the situation with the "inconvenient" employee will not solve itself
Business Coach
Oksana Morozova
HR expert,
founder of the consulting company
"HR Service Partner"
She has more than 15 years of experience as a Head of HR in Russian and International companies, such as: METRO C&C, FM Logistic, TNT Express, PSC "Mikron", JSC "SP Glass".

Oksana belongs to ТОР-100 HR Managers of Russia, and occupies the 7th place in this industry. She is the "HR Manager of 2018" ED Summit nominee, and the winner of "Personnel Management Result" in the category "The Best European Logistic Company"(France, Paris).

What skills will you develop?
Targets, Tools, Correct Action Plans, Negotiation Skills, Dangerous Traps when You Try to Terminate Labor Contacts
1. First step
Your ability to describe the goal correctly is half the battle. There are too many risks for the employer in the staff termination process, so it's better safe than sorry.
We discuss possible risks together, studying real business cases from your and my experience, learning how to evaluate them, and find the best scripts.

2. Let's «Share» Responsibility
The title is not a joke. Unfortunately, one of my ex-colleagues, OPS manager, described a lot of tasks just in these very words. HR should be as a punitive department, that does the dirty work of implementation of business managers' decisions with their own hands, but sometimes HR should pursue termination negotiations by themselves. Sometimes we can join efforts (HR, Line Manager, Security).
It depends on the situation. It's not critical, who the key-person or the first to meet with the employee is. Sometimes "Support Group" really can help and even protect you, but they also can destroy all of your efforts and set you back. You must be able to identify those who could "score an own goal" and segregate them. You don't need anyone who join you just "for company".

3. Scenarios
Termination nowadays and 15 years ago are two different processes in Russia. Management approaches are constantly changing, but they are not changing themselves or spontaneously. The thing is that employees of 2020 differ from employees of 2005. Actually, they are more self-confident, experienced, educated, with a sense of dignity, sometimes even a bit crazy...
Nowadays you can meet representatives of all kinds of generations – X, Y, Z - on the labor market. They are absolutely different, but also they have a lot in common. So, we will create an effective, realistic, flexible scenario, including A, B, C, D plans, that will help you to find the best solution for all of them, taking into account as many details as possible.

4. Preparing is the most important part of any project
Many projects were destroyed/stopped during execution due to poor preparing on the first step. There are several key rules, which support you in case you learn and implement these secrets. You will be able to solve any issues with the staff, if you practice them.
The problem is, that we have to come to agreement with ourselves, learn to fix our attention on other people, on the things happening around. You should not only notice things around, but also react in line with the situation demands.
We have to take into account the project triangle: resources – time – volume. These three things are not always clear and visible, but there are tools to help us. It sounds complicated, doesn't it?
And it really is. That's why I say: preparing is the most important part… So, let's study.

5. Step-by-step Action Plan
Action plan is not a solid double line on the road. It's more like a rope bridge handrails. Unfortunately, sometimes some planks on the bridge are missing, but you don't see it from your side, until you start to move.
The task to let people go is always unique. Every time you can face something extremely unexpected. But if you know, which things are forbidden, you will succeed in your plan realization anyway.
6. Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is not the ability to block emotions, but the skills to identify them and make a conscious choice of emotions you feel. In most of the situation there are no real reasons to hurt people or yourself.
We can make a hard dismissal period not so painful for people. Sure, no one is happy at termination period but we must decrease stress level as much as possible, if we can. As a result, all the sides are winners: a terminated employee, your company with reputation and resources and you, a decent person.


We remember the information and form the skills better, when all of our forms of perception are involved.
So, we will use different equipment on the training:
All key information will be on board and on the screen in theses and schemas.
Group discussions
Group discussions to study real situations will let us get answers to most of the questions.
Video-records of cases with the following analysis step by step, word by word will allow us to find the best solutions, make the best decisions, practice different variants of negotiations, and prevent risks and mistakes to avoid them in real life.
Imitation of real negotiations to form and register special communication skills in a hard situation.
Theory modules
Short quizzes in line with our training plan to learn critical basic rules to form and develop real skills.
Materials/ Check-lists
Handouts for participants contain all key information, allow to make notes, include standard action plans, typical scenarios, algorithms, and memo.
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